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Today Is Such A Beautiful Day But I Can't See It

On a roadside, a blind child was sitting and begging. He had this pad written near him as "I'm blind, help me with money".

The road he was sitting on, was a crowded one, so many people used to pass by him, look at him and his pad and mostly they wouldn't give him any money.

Once, a man was passing by this road. He too noticed this blind child begging and read his pad too. First thing he did was put some coin in bowl that the blind child had with him. But he did something else too, something different. He went to that pad and rubbed the writing which said, "I'm blind, help me with money", and re-wrote something else there. And he went on his way.

Other people passing by, started donating money to this blind child upon reading that pad. Beggar child was surprised and amazed. He knew that someone came earlier, donated him some coin and re-wrote his pad, but he didn't know what he wrote.

Now that person, was again passing by the same road. He stood near that blind child and noticed that child's bowl was full of coins. Child also recognized him by his movement of legs (blinds have sharp sixth sense). He asked that gentleman that what exactly he wrote that people started donating him coins ? He replied, "Nothing much, Son. It gives the same meaning, though I used different words". He said "I wrote - Today is such a beautiful day but I can't see it, I'm blind."
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