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Inspirational Wisdom About Wealth

Master Hsing Yun tells a story about someone who experienced severe sickness that kept gold bars in the cellar.

For more than 30 years, the gold bars were not touched. Then one day, someone had opened the cellar door and found that the gold was gone. Shocked because the warehouse was empty almost makes the old man died. To comfort him, a neighbor asked, "Did you ever spend some of the gold?"

"Absolutely not!" he replied curtly.

"So, you had not ever touched some of the gold for these years ?"

"Never !" the old man replied.

"Okay, do not worry about them," the neighbor said, "I'll give you some bricks, wrapped, and placed in storage beneath your land. The bricks can be used as a substitute for the lost gold ! Why grieve over something you never use for ?"

Hsing Yun's story illustrates an understanding that "wealth is a blessing, knowing how to use the wealth is wisdom." It is not the people who do not appreciate the wealth or miserly person called wise. Having wealth is fun but can use it for the benefit of others is the true joy of riches.

Often, the property comes in many forms in our lives: the stamina and health, grateful and contentment, meaningful life, peace and security for loved ones, the good spirit ... all of them are forms of wealth that we deserve respect and develop.

Source : Book "Handing Down The Light" – Master Hsing Yun’s Biography
---Fu Chiying (Chinese Edition), Amy Liu Ma (English Edition)
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