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Return The Basket

One day there was a couple who lived in the same house with husband's father. His father is very fussy, sensitive, and never stopped complaining. Finally this couple decided to get rid of his father.

The husband put his father into a basket which was draped around his shoulders. When he would leave the house, his son who was only ten year old came and asked, "Daddy, where will Grandpa be taken to?"

The father replied that he intended to take the grandfather to the mountain so that the grandfather could learn to live alone.

The boy was silent. But by the time his father had passed, the boy shouted, "Daddy, do not forget to bring home the basket."

His father thought it was strange, so he stopped and asked why. The boy replied, "I need it to take father to maountain later when father turns old."

The father brought back his grandfather. Since then, the couple take care his father with full attention and fulfill all his needs.
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