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Ajahn Brahm's Inspiring Wisdom : All Is Well

People often ask, "How can you say all is well if I am sick or I do not have any money or my sweetheart leaves me ?"

All is well because life is never sure 100% and if your life always happy, then you never learn anything . If sometimes you only get 30 % and became so depressed, moody, everything probably go wrong from time to time , then at that time you get the chance to grow.

When you are sick , you can take a rest and open the opportunity for anyone to do good karma like treating, caring for, or visiting you.

In fact there's nothing wrong with being old. Being old is something incredible ! I am 60 years old . I always think I'm not as young as before, but not as old as what I experienced. So I better enjoy this day.

By that way, you do not have to worry about anything. Whatever happens with our lives, all is well. Although there are much sadness and trouble in our lives, that's the challenge, because of that, then we can grow. Because of the sadness and tears, we can have compassion.

All the pain and suffering will end, and thereafter there will be happiness.

But sometimes we can not say all is well sincerely because we are still concerned with the matters of the past and future time.

Do not worry about events that haven't happened in the future and do not be stay on bad memories in the past, always remember the happy and fun memories. This will keep you motivated to become a happier person, a healthier person, become more successful. That's called "release". When you release the pain in the past, what's left else ? All is well.

So, let's say, "For all things that have happened, thanks. For all things that will happen, all is well."

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