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Work While You Are Working, Play While You Are Playing

Once there was a donkey which works in a rice mill. Day after day, the donkey just walked in a circle way. One day, the donkey became too old to pull the grinder stone.

"You have worked all of your life. Now you are old and should retire", its owner said.

The owner then brought the donkey to the courtyard outside and tied to a big tree.

"From now on, you will eat fresh grass, enjoy long bed, and a breath of fresh air".

However, the donkey can not live like that. So the donkey walked around the tree, day after day.

Would you not laugh at the stupidity of the donkey ? Maybe one day....we could just be one of the fool donkeys.

From "Heart Sutra" - Illustrated and interpreted by Tsai Chih Chung
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