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The Restaurant Bill

Judge Nasrudin was presiding over a case.

The plaintiff went first and exclaimed, "The defendant refuses to pay his restaurant bill !"

"I would have," the defendant countered, "but he charged me two hundred dollars for three hardboiled eggs !"

"Is this true ?" Nasrudin asked the plaintiff.

"Well," the other replied, "as I explained to him earlier, those eggs could have been hatched into chickens, which in turn would have produced more eggs, which in turn would have hatched into more chickens, and so on, and so forth. The way I see it, his three eggs would have yielded me hundreds of dollars worth of chickens and eggs."

"Okay," Nasrudin replied. "Wait here while I go plant some boiled peas in my garden."

"But Judge," the plaintiff said, "boiled peas will not grow into anything."

"In that case," Nasrudin replied, "this case is dismissed !"
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