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Looking For The Perfect Wife

There's the story of Mullah Nasruddin, who was asked why he never married and answered, "I was looking for the perfect wife. I went to Damascus and met a wonderful woman but she had no spiritual side. Then I went to Cairo and met a woman who was deeply spiritual, but we didn't communicate well. I went from place to place looking for the perfect woman, then finally I found her and she was beautiful and spiritual and we communicated well. She was perfect."

Then his friend asked why he didn’t marry her, and Mullah Nasruddin replied, "Unfortunately, she was looking for the perfect man!".

The perfection we seek is not the perfection of a person but the perfection of love.

In that way, when we join in a relationship, the commitment to love allows us to serve something greater than ourselves or the other person, to serve a mystical third, which is the spirit of the relationship.
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