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A Story Of A Poor Sparrow

When the dry season has just started, a sparrow feel his body heat. And he swore to his hostile environment, then he decided to leave the place that had always been his habitat. He flew to the north, which is said there is always cool and cold. Sure, he began to feel the cool air in the north. The more to the north, he increasingly felt the cool air there. He was getting excited spurring his flight more to north again.

Carried away by his passion, he is not aware that his flapping wings had been attached by a snowball. Thicker incresingly, and finally he fell to the ground as his body wrapped in snow. On the ground, snow on his body even more thicker until finally the sparrows could not do anything about it. He thought that his life had been ended at that time, and he was moaning while regretting his fate.

Heard the moans of the sparrows, there is a buffalo who happened to be passing and approached him. But the sparrow disappointed, why just a buffalo came to there. He also rebuked the buffalo to stay away and said in his mind, that stupid being (the buffalo) could not do something for him.

The buffalo had not much to say. He just stood there, then he urinated right on top of the sparrow. The sparrow getting angry and cursing the buffalo. However, the buffalo remained silent without saying a word. He took a step forward, and defecated right in the body of the sparrow. And immediately, the sparrow could not speak anymore because he has been closed by buffalo dung, and the sparrow thought he would die because he could not breathe anymore.

But slowly, he felt the warmth. Snow that sticks to the feathers, slowly melted by the warmth of the buffalo dung. Then he could breathe and look at the clear sky again.

The sparrow screamed with joy, singing loudly and happily. Because the sound of the sparrow's singing, there was a cat and went looking for the source of the sound. The cat held out his hand, scavenge the body of the sparrow, then cradled, licked his body, stroking, and clean up the remnants of snow still clinging to the feathers of the sparrows.

After his feather clean, the sparrow singing and dancing with joy. He thought, he have gained a good friend and a good hearted friend.

But, what happens then. Immediately at the time, the world seemed so dark to him. And, it was the end of the life of the sparrow at that time.

Morals of this story :
In life, not everything that looks good is good, bad is bad. But it could be reversed although it looks beautiful, because the neighbor's yard that looks green is not necessarily right for us. And most importantly, good or bad appearance, should not be used as the only benchmarks. Also as when we just get enjoyment, do not forget and too desired, so we do not forget what should to do next.
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