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A Fox And Vineyard

Once upon a time, there was a fox saw a vineyard full of ripe grapes. The fox thought, "I'll go in there and enjoy a great meal."

But the fox was too fat to break through the fence. So the fox fasted for three days and three nights to make himselft slim.

And finally the fox could break into the vineyard too.

"What an amazing regale. Now, it is the time to go home," the fox muttered.

"Oh...I can not get out again."

So the fox repeated his old tricks again. He did not eat for three days and three nights.

"I finally can get out of this vineyard, but I am hungry as before."

This life is also like that, isn't it ? We were born naked and did not bring anything when we died. Only the good deeds that give benefit for humanity are praiseworthy after someone dies. You can not take along your fame or wealth which is your lifelong pursuit result.

From "Heart Sutra" - Illustrated and interpreted by Tsai Chih Chung
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