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An Allergic To Life Story

A man approached a spiritual teacher. He said, "Master, I was tired of living. I was completely saturated. My marriage life has messed up and my businees has broken. Whatever I do, I have always failed. I want to die."

The teacher smiled and said, "Oh, you're sick."

"No Master, I am not sick. I am healthy. Just bored with life. That's why I want to die."

As if didn't hear to his disciple defense, the teacher continues, "You are sick. Your illness is named "Allergy of Life". Yes, you are allergic to life. Lots of us are allergic to life. Then, without realizing, we are doing things that are contrary to the norm of life. Life goes on. The river of life flows on, but we want the status quo state. We stopped at the place, we did not come running. That's why we get sick."

"We invite disease. Refusal to participate with flow of life makes us sick. Business always has ups and downs. In married-stairs, a small argument is reasonable. Friendship was not always permanent. What is eternal in this life ? We are not aware of the nature of life. We want to maintain a state. Then we failed, disappointed and suffered."

"Your illness still can be cured, provided that you are really determined to get well and willing to follow my instructions," said the Master.

"No Master, no. I was really bored. No, I do not want to live any longer," he rejected the teacher.

"So, you do not want to be well. You really want to die ?", asked the teacher.

"Yes, indeed, I was tired of living," he replied again.

"All right. Then you will die tomorrow afternoon. Take this bottle of medicine. Tonight, drink half of the contents of this bottle. While the other part, you drink tomorrow evening at six. Then at eight o'clock tomorrow you will die in peace."

Now, the man became confused. Previously, all of teachers he has visited always tried to give him a zest for life. However, this one was a weird teacher. Instead of giving spirit of life, this teacher offering the man poison. But, because the man was absolutely saturated, he accepted it gladly.

Arriving home, he spent half a bottle of poison called "medicine" by the Master. Then, he felt a calmness state that he had never felt before. So relaxed ! Stay one night and one day, he will die. He will be released from all kinds of problems.

That night, he decided to have dinner with friends at a Japanese restaurant. Something he had never done over the last few years. This was his last night. He wants to leave the memories. While eating, he was joking. The atmosphere is very harmonious. Before bed, he kissed his wife and whispered, "Honey, I love you". Once again, because that night was the last night, he wanted to leave the memories.

The next day, after waking up, he opened the window and looked out. Morning breeze refreshing him. And he was tempted to do the morning walk. Half an hour later he returned home, he found his wife still asleep. Without waking, he entered the kitchen and make two cups of coffee. One for himself, one for his wife. Because it was the last morning for him, he wanted to leave sweet memories ! His wife felt weird and said, "Honey, what happened to you today ? During this time, maybe I'm wrong. I'm sorry, darling."

At the office, he greeted everyone, shaking hands with everyone. His staff was confused, "Today, our boss was really weird?". And their attitude immediately changed. They become tender. Because it was the last day for him, he wanted to leave sweet memories ! Suddenly, everything around him changed. He became friendlier and more tolerant, even respect for the different opinions. Suddenly, life becomes beautiful. He started to enjoy it.

Going home at 5 p.m, he found his beloved wife waiting for him on the front of porch. This time his wife even gave him a kiss, saying: "Darling, once again I am sorry, that I've always bother you." The kids did not want to miss the chance said, "Father, forgive all of us. During this time, father was always depressed because of our behavior."

Suddenly, the river of life flowing again. Suddenly, life becomes very beautiful. He withdrawed his intention to commit suicide. But how about with a half of bottle of "medicine" he has drunk at the evening before ?

He came to the teacher again. Seeing the man face, the Master immediately knew what had happened and said, "Throw away the bottle. It just contained water. You've healed. If you live in the present, if you live with the consciousness that death can come to you at any time, then you will enjoy every moment of life. Shatter your ego, arrogance and pride. Be gentle, as soft as water. And flows along with the river of life. You will not be saturated, would not be bored. You will feel alive. That is the secret of life. That's the key to happiness. That is the path to peace."

The man thanked and shook the teacher, then go to home, to repeat the experience of the night before. Essence of story, he still continues to flow. He never forgot to live in the present. That's why he was always happy, always calm, and always ALIVE!
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