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Ajahn Brahm Inspirational Quotes

If you want to have a good time, be good.

Real beauty does not lie in perfection, but in embracing and accepting imperfection.

Love is the ability to embrace the imperfections of another, of ourselves, and of life.

Instead of having a fault-finding mind, develop the beautiful attitude of gratitude.

Whatever you value, whatever you think is really important, that is what will develop and grow.

Water the flowers in your garden, don't water the weeds.

What you see in others, that's what they will show you back.

Always put happiness and joy into whatever you are doing.

Merit is not something you store up for a future life, it's what you put into your heart for now.

Real generosity is giving, expecting nothing back in return.

Inspiration is a beautiful source of pure energy that uplifts your heart.

A lot of the time you learn the most from osmosis, by just hanging around good people.

When you cultivate a beautiful mind throughout the day, you will have a beautiful mind in meditation.

Your real home is not the house you live in, but the stillness and peace in your heart.

Forget about the results. Creating the causes; that's your work. The results will come by themselves.

When you face the problem and bring it close to you, you have a chance to understand it. When you run away, your face is turned in the opposite direction.

You don’t need to give things a name...just know them.

Don't bend the truth to fit your beliefs, bend your beliefs to fit the truth.

You can either be caught up in this world and in your desires... or you can be free.

Suffering is asking from the world what it can never give you.

Freedom is realising that you can't control life.

Pleasure is just a pause between two moments of pain.
And pain is just the space between two moments of pleasure.

Whatever disturbance there is, it only lasts for a few moments.
But if you allow it to echo in your mind, it will keep on going for a long time.

Hell is a place with an open door. You send yourself there because of guilt.
If you know what love and forgiveness are, you can walk out any time you want.

It's amazing how free you can be, if you don’t limit yourself to your past.

The nature of life is that it settles down and finds a balance all by itself.

Where there is a self, there are things belonging to a self.
Where there is no self, there is no sense of ownership.

From "All You Need Is Kindfulness - A Collection of Ajahn Brahm Quotes".
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