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Inspirational Wisdom Story About Buddha

Once, Buddha was walking through a village with his students, where the opponents of Buddhism lived. The people of the village surrounded Buddha and his students and started insulting them. In respond, the students also started rising up and wanted to get back at them, but the presence of Buddha calmed them down. The words of Buddha confused not only the students but also the villagers.

He turned to his students and said, "You disappointed me. These people are doing their thing. They are angry. They think that I am an enemy of their religion and their moral believes. These people are insulting me and it's obvious. But why are you angry ? Why did you let these people manipulate you ? Now you depend from them, therefore you’re not free."

The people from the village were completely at loss and asked,"But we were insulting you, why aren't you mad at us ?"

Buddha smiled, "You are free people, and what you did - is your business. I am also a free person and a master of my own actions, which is why I have my own right not to react to manipulation and be free from anger."
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